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A Behind the Scenes Look at Bull Riding Practice

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Most rodeo bulls weigh anywhere from 1200 to 2000 pounds, and can have a bit of a temper. So for bull riders they have their own way of practicing.

"You've got these Mighty Buckies that just help you on your positioning," said former bull rider Jamie Cox. "Just like golf, the more you go to the driving range, you're going to be more prepared."

The idea of the Mighty Bucky is that you sit on it like you would a bull, then someone behind you uses a lever attatched to it to try and buck you off. It's as good and safe as you'll get, but nothing compares to actually riding a bull.

"This helps, but it's nothing like getting on a real bull," said Cox. "It feels different, it's way different, but it does help. It's mainly mentally getting it in your mind, the moves you're supposed to make, when it comes up how you're supposed to be."

Jamie provided a demonstration, but to prove anybody, and I mean anybody, could take on a Mighty Bucky, I had him explain to me how to do it.

"Your hand goes in and you flip it over. This hand. Then you line that up with the middle of the back. Then you wrap it around. Then you just want to scoot up on your rope all the way. Then you got to get a hold here and with your heels too."

While I may never be a full 8 second rider, at least I got to learn safely thanks to the Mighty Bucky the exact same way the pros do it.

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