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Saints' Women's Soccer Opens Camp With 11 Seniors

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They say with age comes wisdom. And if that's true the Carroll womens' soccer team should be some of the wisest in the Cascade Conference with 11 seniors this fall.

"They're at the pinnacle of their career in their senior year," said Saints head coach Dave Thorvilson. "They know what the expectations are. They want their last season to be very special."

"Seniors always show leadership no matter how many we have," said Saints senior forward Katey Freidt. "But 11 this year I think will really guide our underclassman. The seniors of course are excited. It's our one last shot to show what we have."

Many of those Seniors shots on the field will come on goal. Five of the11 are forwards, which means the Saints are not only hoping to be the wisest, but also the highest scoring team in the conference.

"We have a really strong forward team in general being that we're mostly seniors and juniors in the forward department," said Saints senior forward Kayla Bayer. "And we like to score so that helps us out a lot."

"I think we're all just really goal hungry this year," said Freidt. "Last year we were a little off so this year we're ready go go again. I think we're ready to prove ourselves this year."

The Saints might have plenty of familiar faces... But they'll be getting used to unfamiliar competition that comes with moving to a new conference. 

"There's nine other games in our conference that are teams that it's either been a while since we played, or we just don't know," said Thorvilson. "And there's a lot of unknown expectations with that."

"I'm excited, always having new competition is a good thing," said Bayer. "It helps us pick up our game as well. We're not seeing the same faces all the time. We have some new challenges ahead of us."

New challenges that will undoubtedly require a bit of wisdom to navigate. Luckily for these Saints, they've got plenty to spare.

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