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CMR Coach Greenwell Feels Lucky After Struck By Lightning

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CMR assistant football coach Brian Greenwell was back at practice this evening after he was struck by lightning during the morning session.

Greenwell says he was moving a cart of football equipment when he felt an unusual shock throughout his body. He says he remembers falling to his knees, and that the coaches who were able to reach shelter ran back out to help him out.

While he doesn't recall all of what happened during the incident, he says he's alright, having been checked out by doctors who ran the necessary tests. Greenwell says he's thankful and that things could have been much worse. 

"All my vitals are good and they did the EKG and everything was good," Greenwell says. "Just I'm sure I'll be sore and I'm sure dehydrated, but I just need to take care of myself. I'm lucky, that's the way I look at it. We were doing everything right out there. I've never seen that happen and it was just bizarre. It came out of nowhere it seemed like, because it didn't seem like the sky was that bad."

Great Falls Public Schools has lightning detectors that they use, however, Assistant Superintendent Tom Moore tells KFBB that there didn't seem to be a threat of storms. Greenwell says the lesson everyone should take from this is that when the whistle blows signaling you to get off the field... get off the field.

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