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Griz Football Gear up for Season Opener on Saturday, 8/29

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After months and months of talking about the big game the Griz are ready to finally run out of the tunnel tomorrow to battle with the National Champion North Dakota State Bison.

"You know we are just ready to play, we are tired of practicing against each other and we want to play against somebody else and this is a great chance to play the four time defending national champions and we will find out how good we are," said Head Coach Bob Stitt.

"They have won four national championships in the last four years but I think we are pretty special as well and I'm excited to just get out there and play," said Griz senior Defensive End Derek Crittenden.

With so much hype and excitement surrounding the game the players say it's important to try and stay even keeled.

"The big focus for us as defensive players is to stay at a high level the entire game and not get super excited before kickoff and then crash in the second and third quarter and then play well in the fourth quarter we have to play at a high level the entire game," said Crittenden.

In last years matchup with the Bison the Griz struggled on offense. They had only 9 first downs to the Bison's 24 and were out gained by nearly 200 yards. This year though the team is confident the offense will be able to adjust.

"They are going to give us what they want us to have so if the corners decide to play off we will go short, if they decide to press us we will go deep. With this offense there are a lot of answers to what we can do against any type of defense,' said Senior Wide Receiver Jamaal Jones.

The difference is now we can knock the top off a coverage with our wide receivers and that wasn't the case last year and defenses could do some things to us defensively and if they do those same things this year we should be able to get some big plays on them," said Stitt.

North Dakota State is led by their stud Quarterback Carson Wentz and the Bison offense should be strong. On defense they lost seven starters but don't expect it to be a rebuilding year for the Herd.

"You don't win four national championships in a row without being able to reload at some time. they have went through adversity before, they lose their head coach and the new guy goes 15-1 and wins it so they will be strong and north Dakota State isn't going to give you anything you have to go out and earn it," said Stitt.

As far as the smoke goes Griz players say it will have zero affect on the game and they don't even notice it once kickoff happens.

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