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Senior Standout for 8/31: Jefferson Linebacker Trase LeTexier

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"He's got good hands, just athletic, and I think what really sets him apart is his competitiveness."

If you ever happen to be at a Jefferson football practice, you can spot Trase LeTexier almost immediately. At 6'3" 230 pounds, it'd be hard to find a player in the state that can match his side, speed, and athleticism.

"He's a physical guy," said Panthers senior quarterback Jered Padmos. "He leads the defense more than anyone out there. He loves the physicallity of the game. He's always hitting. Always batting balls down, always making big hits, and just making plays."

"You just work as hard as you can so that you can be better than the other people that are working as hard as they can," said LeTexier. "And you just work a little harder than they do. Do an extra rep here, or an extra rep there."

Finding time for those extra reps can be a little tough for Trase. This will be his fourth year starting for the Panthers football team, and on top of that, he plays basketball and track. All three of which he was All-State in last year.

"He just competes. Whatever he does he just goes out there and competes," said Panthers head coach Clint Layng. "He also started for me in basketball, this next year will be four straight years starting in basketball. When it's not football, or basketball time, or track season, I mean he's in the weight room constantly."

"You just try hard in everything you do, and you should be able to succeed in what you want to," said LeTexier. "That's the way I feel."

And for one of the states most physically imposing players, when Trase isn't in the weight room, he has more cultured interests.

"I like to be in plays," said LeTexier. "I've been in a lot of them."

So you enjoy acting?

"I like watching, I'm not a very good actor," joked LeTexier.

What's your favorite play?

"I don't know, a funny one," laughed LeTexier.

Trase obviously enjoys the big stage, whether it be in theater, or in sports. And with all eyes on him during his senior year at Jefferson, he'll be hoping to guide the Panthers to the biggest stage, and win their first state championship in school history.

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