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Griz Prepare for Cal Poly Matchup at Washington-Grizzly Stadium

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In football, you sometimes hear the term let down game. It's when a team gets a big win and the next week they don't come out with the same energy. The Griz are making sure after beating NDSU that they come to play this Saturday against Cal Poly.

"We are 1-0 and you have to be able to back it up the next week and that's one of the hardest things to do in football because it's hard to win a football game and when you win one you would love to celebrate it for a long time but it only lasts for a few hours Saturday night and you have to get back to work all over again," said Griz Head Coach Bobb Stitt.

The Griz welcome a Cal Poly team to town that dominated them on the ground last season rushing for over 400 yards. They have the vaunted triple option attack that is tough to stop.

"It's the ultimate discipline game i mean everyone has to do their one eleventh and we didn't do that last year and that's why they had so many yards," said Griz DE Tyrone Holmes.

"It scares the heck out me this year because an offense like there's where they are trying to run out the clock does not bode well with an offense like ours that's hurry up and trying to run a lot of plays so our defense has to play better and get them in situations where they're not comfortable," said Stitt.

The Mustangs are led by their dual threat Quarterback Chris Brown who had over 220 yards rushing himself last year against the Griz.

"I mean he is an unreal athlete you turn on the film and he is super fast he is tough to contain and I don't think we were enough of where he was on the field going into the game and hopefully things will be different this time around," said Holmes.

But the Mustangs will have to contend with a pretty dangerous Griz offense as well and Montana will look to take advantage of a defense that graduated some excellent linebackers.

"So it's fun every week to see how the defense tries to take somebody away. Maybe they will focus on Ellis and Jamaal and we have a big day with our inside guys, maybe our "Z" this week has 12-14 catches so it will be fun to see how they game plan us," said Stitt.

Kickoff is set for Saturday, Sept 5, 2015 at seven. You can catch the game on your local Fox station or NBC if you're in Billings.

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