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Carroll Saints Win Season Opener Matchup vs. Southern Oregon University

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It's come down to a final drive each time Carroll and Southern Oregon have played against each other, including a game winner for the Raiders last November in their playoff game. But this time around the Saints are smiling as they finally got that win.

"It was a long offseason, but to watch how hard these guys played, and how hard Southern Oregon played, just such great respect for that program," said Saints head coach Mike Van Diest. "We finally won one in the fourth quarter."

"I had faith in our DBs," said Saints sophomore tight end Eric Dawson. "They're two or three year starters, and I was banking on them. I knew they'd make the play."

On offense the Saints relied heavily on senior QB Mac Roche, who was throwing to a pretty young group of tight ends and receivers.

"I have complete trust in all of those guys," said Roche. "Every single one of those players, I have complete trust in. They might drop a ball here or there, but I know they'll come back and make a huge play later. And they did."

"You know we're going to throw the ball a lot," said Van Diest. "Mac is a good quarterback, and those younger receivers, I thought Troy Arntson did a good job, Connor Fohn made a couple big catches. As long as you have a quarterback like that we're going to throw it 35-40 times a game."

Obviously players and coaches very excited for this win, but it's a short live excitement as Mike Van Diest told me that tomorrow at six in the morning they'll start looking at Montana Tech, as they prepare to play them next weekend.

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