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Mac Bignell Develops Into Strong Player for Montana State Bobcats

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It's not everyday Montana State football receives national attention. However, late last week, linebacker Mac Bignell laid down this hit.

"It feels smooth you know. You don't feel pain at all," said Bobcats linebacker Mac Bignell. "You just hope they do."  

Soon after the Bobcats found themselves all over social media. 

"I've never been around a viral video before or that close to one," said Bobcats wide receiver Mitch Griebel. "I thought it was pretty cool. He didn't really talk much about it. He handled it the right way. He was humble about it. We just kind of laughed it off. It was pretty cool to be around something like that."  

Blowing up on Twitter wasn't all Bignell did against Fort Lewis College. The strong side linebacker finished with a game high eight  tackles, two of which were behind the line of scrimmage. 

"The thing that Mac Bignell does best is he's very decisive,": said Bobcats head coach Rob Ash. "When he sees a play, he triggers right now and he goes. He doesn't hesitate. He's not concerned about whether he's right or wrong. He just goes."  

Bignell's route to becoming a starter is a unique one.  Primarily a special teams player a year ago, he had a standout spring out of any, and continued his great play in fall camp. While fans may be surprised with his play, his team has come to expect it.  

"He's special. He just has a knack for always being around it, always making a play. It was cool to see, but to a lot of us, it didn't surprise us really."  "From the beginning of spring we knew he was going to be a player. It didn't surprise me one bit. He's been a thorn in the offenses side all through spring and early camp. I'm sure our offense is glad he's playing against somebody else now on game days."

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