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Griz Look Forward Despite Second Game of Season Loss

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After being a fan favorite in week one, quarterback Brady Gustafson struggled a bit in his second game against Cal Poly, coughing up three interceptions, and it's something he takes full responsibility for.

"Just entirely on me.  Not enough trust on my end," said junior quarterback Brady Gustafson. "I will work on it, and I'll absolutely clean it up,"
It wasn't just the turnovers on offense that were frustrating for the Griz.  After losing Caleb Kidder prior to the game, and Zack Peevey and Jamaal Wilson having to sub out with minor injuries, the third and fourth string defensive tackles got some playing time, including red shirt freshman, Kyle Davis who didn't practice any snaps against the Triple Option during the week.

"I think they did a great job with what they had.  They weren't the guys who were taking the reps, so when they got in there, and did what they did, we stopped them as well as we could when they got in the game," said senior linebacker Kendrick Van Ackeren. "I have to give them a 10 just for the effort they gave, and their willingness to come in the game blind for and do what they did,"

The defensive line isn't the only group who is looking forward to getting healthy during the bye-week, as the running backs have been dinged up with minor injuries as well.

"I think our depth is great.  There's a lot of injuries running through our depth chart especially in the running backs, but I have a lot of confidence in our backup running back," said junior running back John Nguyen. "Me and Joey are trying our best to keep up with our offense, and keep pushing forward. This game was something we can learn from and learn from our mistakes."

Going forward, head coach Stitt isn't happy with the loss, but he is happy with how the team has approached their first two games.

"Our effort was consistent.  Our effort was great in the first game, you have to have that to be able to beat a team like North Dakota State, but to be able to back it up with the same consistent effort for four quarters and give yourself a chance to win, it was phenomenal," said head coach Bob Stitt.

"We weren't as sharp in the second game, and it didn't allow us to win it, but the effort was there, and that's what I was proud of.  Even though we didn't play very well, we had a chance to win.  If they don't make that field goal, everyone is smiling and we're talking about how awesome everything is."

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