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Active Aging Week: Proper Posture & Core Strength

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A strong core and good posture helps prevent injuries and reduces the risk of falls for seniors.

This morning on Wake Up Montana we wrapped up our series on Active Aging. Today the Peak Health and Wellness Center offered a seminar on the importance of proper posture and core and back strengthening.

Licensed physical therapist assistant and Pilates trainer Danielle Peters says proper posture keeps bones and joints in correct alignment so our muscles are being used properly.

Peters says forward head posture also known as kyphosis is very common among seniors.  She says for every inch your head moves forward, the head gains 10 pounds in weight in your neck and upper back muscles. Core and back strengthening can also help improve activities of daily living and prevent shoulder, hip and lower back pain.

For more information you can contact Peters at the Peak Health and Wellness Center.

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