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Carroll Saints Troy Arntson Steps Up As Wide Receiver Amongst Team Injuries

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During the off-season, every time someone on the Carroll football team was asked who was having the best camp? One name kept coming up.

"We know what we've had in Troy."

"We got to see what Troy Arntson can do."

It wasn't that long ago he was slinging touchdown passes as the quarterback at Helena High... but with injuries forcing him into the starting line up as a redshirt freshman... now he's out on the field to catch them.

"I've been impressed with Troy Arntson for a long time," said Saints head coach Mike Van Diest. "I was involved 30 years ago with recruiting his dad, Tony, to the University of Montana. And it was just a matter of time waiting for Troy to graduate."

Troy redshirted at receiver last fall, and was expected to be the teams third option this year. Then injuries took their toll, and though he's technically a freshman, he isn't treated like one.

"I think the biggest thing that we've heard right now is that we can't be freshman," said Arntson. "We came into this year being freshman, and as we found out we don't have any time for that now."

"Troy was good enough we knew he was either going to be a starter, or he was going to be a number one back up," said Van Diest. "And now by default, a little bit, but certainly by his merit too, he's in the starting position."

With that starting role comes an expectation of production. And four games in, Troy seems to have already found his comfort zone within this Carroll offense.

"The ones that I like best for Troy are just the quick ones," said Saints senior quarterback Mac Roche. "Anytime I can just get the ball in his hands, because once he gets the ball in his hands he's just so elusive."

"There's a few offensive plays that we've put in, but I think our offensive system is perfect for us," said Arntson. "I think that right now we've just got to start executing a lot more."

So far this season he only has one touchdown reception, but has received plenty of advice from his dad, who not only was his coach in high school, but was also thrusted into the spotlight his freshman year at Montana.

"He just says enjoy it while you can, because it's over at some point," said Arntson. "So I'm doing all I can to love it, and it's awesome."

Despite high expectations entering this year, it would have been hard to imagine Troy would have this kind of impact early. But he's embracing it, and looks to his name mentioned a lot for his stellar play as a Saint.

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