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Senior Standout: Jake Bloom - Simms Running Back

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Every athlete has a starting point in their athletic career, and Jake Bloom's football journey started when he was little.

"I think I started about in kindergarten playing flag football, and I just kept on going since," said senior running back Jake Bloom.

Fast forward to 12th grade, he is still playing football for the Simms high school football team.

"Jake is everything really to us. Our whole focus is to try and get the ball to him in the best spots that we possibly can and to use his athletic ability and knowledge of the game," said Simms head coach Eric Dirk. 

Last year, Jake was a tight end, but this year, Dirk switched things up, making him a running back. So far in the 2015 season, he's collected about 930 yards, combining rushing and receiving yardage, and he's scored 19 touchdowns.

"He's really hasn't missed a beat with being the first time starter at running back. You're giving the ball to him, and he's done really well for us," said Dirk.

Even though the running back position is new for Bloom, he appreciates the support from his coach.

"It's just really great feeling knowing that they can trust me. It's been different, but I think I like it," said Bloom.

Coach Dirk says when he thinks about a senior standout, he thinks of Jake.

"He really works hard. He shows up first. He just has that, bring your hard cap to work and just get after it. A really good kid," said Dirk.

While Jake Bloom's time is limited on the Simms roster, he says his final year is bittersweet. 

"My class alone has been part of the turnaround of this program, and it's been a great opportunity. I'm going to miss my teammates that I've been playing with ever since kindergarten too. They've been with me this whole ride, and I couldn't have done it without them," said Bloom.

Before he leaves the high school football arena, Jake wants to bring home a Class C 8-man state championship trophy.

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