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CMR Seeks win on 40th Anniversary of 11-10 Game

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It's a game that can simply be referred to by two numbers: 11-10
That was the final score of the annual crosstown game on Halloween in 1975, almost 40 years ago to the day. The defending champions Great Falls High, led by eventual Griz head coach Mick Delaney, were stunned by CMR, which marked the beginning of a dynasty. 
"It was exciting. It was a big win," says then head coach Jack Johnson. "Both squads were very good that year. About 20 kids on the field that night went on to play College Football."
Johnson added that he jokingly likes to remind coach Delaney about that game. But Johnson could have never predicted that the call to go for two points when the Rustlers trailed 10-9 would lead to the first of his 13 state titles and establish a powerhouse program.
"I think it was a huge win in a lot of ways," says Johnson. "Number one, we went on to win State that year. We beat Butte and established some tradition. I think that's a huge thing in a program that we got going here. We won it then and we won it again in 1976."
Current head coach Gary Lowry was in the stands for that game as an 8th grader. 40 Years later he's in Johnson's shoes now trying to put his own mark on the program.
"It's an important thing to take a lot of pride in it," says Lowry. "It's just another crosstown game to get ready for and it's always a big deal."
Johnson plans to be in the stands for this Friday's Crosstown game and so do some of his players that shared the moment with him 40 years ago.
"It's amazing that it was 40 years ago," says Dale Taylor, who was the AA Defensive MVP in the state his Senior year. He was a sophomore in 1975. "It seemed like that it was the other day. You always think back when you play. But now it makes me think 'wow I'm getting old."
And they're hoping that a little anniversary luck can help CMR punch their ticket to the playoffs.
"It's a big thing for us. Especially this year," says current senior wide receiver Karl Tucker II. "We need this win to get into the playoffs. To come out with a win and have a team help us out. It's going to be a big one for us."
CMR will need a Crosstown win AND a Missoula Sentinel loss to be assured of a State berth. The Rustlers Could use some of that magic from 40 years ago. But a crosstown win is always special whether it's by a blowout or the slimmest of margins.

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