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Helena Neighborhood Turkey Bowl Going 34 Years Strong

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It's high noon on Thanksgiving, but instead of sitting down and watching football, for the past 34 years at Hill Park in Helena anyone who's wanted to play has been welcome.

"It started 34 years ago by a neighbor of mine taking our kids in the street," said Turkey Bowl founder Curt Chisholm. "The next year another father joined us with his kids, and then it grew from there."

To his knowledge, Chisholm says this is the longest running game in town which started as a fathers versus sons affair, but rules have been tweaked over the years.

"Most of the kids, as we call them, that are not married that grew up in the neighborhood, we continue to play them," said Chisholm. "But we divide it up sometimes. One of my grandsons is going to play with us because he's getting married in December. So we brought him over on our side."

From fathers versus sons, to married versus unmarried, for many it's just about getting together.

"Now it's even more gratifying to come back, knowing that your kids were this big a part of it, and now you're trying to compete against your kids who are now twice the size we are and twice as quick," said Turkey Bowler of 34 years Goose Gregson.

"It's something that kind of carries out throughout the year," said Turkey Bowler Adam Clinch. "You'll joke about it in May with people you don't see except for Thanksgiving, so it's kind of cool you get to see people you don't get to see very often."

Even with all the players that have come and gone, Chisholm has kept track of each and every one.

"Each year we take a group picture, and we've got all 34 years in group portraits," said Chisholm. "So you can see the kids growing up over periods of time, and it's just an amazing thing."

This year Team Married got their first win in ten years with a 77-70 victory, and you can bet that plenty of them will be back next year to defend their win.

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