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Red Sox's Gregson Thankful for Beginnings in Helena

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For former Minor League pitcher and current Boston Red Sox Latin pitching coordinator Goose Gregson, his dreams of baseball started, well, like most everyone's.

"My dad took me to Yankee Stadium when I was ten years old, and I might as well have been walking into a cathedral." said  Gregson. "And I tugged at my dad that day and said 'Dad I want to be a major league ball player.'"

After eight years in the minors, an elbow injury ended Goose's active career, and it's then that he started as a pitching coach for the Philadelphia Phillies. His first assignment was as head pitching coach for the then Helena Phillies, and Goose only had one question.

"Where's Helena, Montana?" laughed Gregson. "My geography is failing me right now. I thought maybe I'll be a pitching coach for a year or two."

A year or two has turned into 36 seasons that Goose has dawned a pro uniform. His career has spanned from a pitching coach in the minors, to being the head pitching coach for the Los Angles Dodgers, to his role with the Red Sox now. And the memories from his career are all over his Helena home.

"I've had the extreme pleasure of meeting, and knowing, and becoming a friend of Sandy Koufax," said Gregson.

"Opening Day in Fenway Park in 2003, and Pedro didn't want to be out there. And I had to go out there to the mound and talk sternly to him."

"My wife actually put this together, and it's quite special it means a lot to me. That's the first uniform I wore at the Major League level."

Goose spends his seasons with Boston working down in Fort Meyers, Florida, yet after each season comes back to Helena from October through January to spend his offseason with his wife Jan.

"People laugh and they say 'You've got your seasons mixed up. Usually people like to winter in Florida and summer in Montana, and I'm just the opposite.' I fell in love with Montana the first time I drove across the Montana border."

From dreams of being a ballplayer, to a coaching job in Helena he only thought would be a year or two, Goose Gregson has found a home here in the Treasure State, and says he wouldn't have it any other way.

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