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Montana Struggles To Provide Gun Background Info

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Data released by the FBI concludes that Montana is among the worst-performing states in submitting records of people with dangerous mental illness to the 'National Gun Background Check' system.

The District Attorney General's Crime Information Bureau is the agency responsible for submitting that information... but they say that they don't even have access to it.

State law says those records are to be kept confidential, except for specific reasons outlined in the law. And submitting them to the 'National Instant Criminal Background Check System' is not one of those exceptions.

The Attorney General's office says they brought the issue to the attention of the legislature in the last session...

"We said this is what is going on, these are the concerns that we are hearing. We gave the issue to them, they discussed the matter. There was no real consensus on how to address this issue, but there certainly was consensus that something needs to be done," said John Barnes of the Department of Justice.

Barnes says that although a bill was introduced in that session to amend the law, it never made it out of committee. The earliest we could see a change allowing Montana to make reports would be in the next legislative session.

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