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UGF's Schlosser Looking to Finish Collegiate Career on Top

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UGF's Luke Schlosser is a wrestling machine. The senior is ranked second in the nation in the NAIA 125 weight class, but as he learned a season ago, rankings don't mean much.

"Last year, went into nationals ranked second. I thought I was going to go in there and do really well, and I lost out in three matches. So rankings don't really mean a lot to me. It's great to be ranked second and I want to be ranked up there, then I know I can wrestle with anybody," said senior wrestler Luke Schlosser.

Luke has already proved he can do that. He's competed in nationals three years in a row and has also won back to back individual championship titles in the Battle of the Rockies wrestling tourney. He says the key to his success is controlling the match when he's on the mat.  

"I just try and stay calm when I get out on the mat, and try and keep tempo up and wrestling my match and not letting that kid wrestle their match," said Schlosser.

He even impresses his fellow senior teammates.

"You just see Luke out there just beating everyone, and it's just like dang. It's like man, I need to get some of that," said senior wrestler Michael Ayala. "It's kind of cool to have someone on your team who actually wrestles to that caliber," said Ayala.

Luke's success and experience has also inspired younger wrestlers like freshman Jarren Komac.

"I think he shows everybody how to be a hard worker and stuff with the level that he's wrestling at right now," said freshman wrestler Jarren Komac. "He's helped me with a little more of my ground wrestling, and it's helped a lot."

The clock is ticking on Schlosser's collegiate career, and he still has a couple of goals he'd like to check off his list.

"It's the last time I have to go to nationals and hopefully become an All-American or national champion, so there's a lot of pressure there," said senior wrestler Luke Schlosser.

Luke knows he'll need to be a well-oiled machine and is sharpening his technique to make that happen.

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