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Belt's Emily Langston Cheers and Drums to Support Huskies Sports Teams

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Sitting behind the drum set inside Belt's high school's band room, flipping her hair while she plays a beat, is junior percussionist Emily Langston. She's the only female drummer in the Belt pep band this year. 

"When you're drumming, your heart gets racing. There's adrenaline to drumming," said junior Emily Langston.

Being a percussionist isn't the only thing she does. She's also a member of the cheerleading squad. On game day, she cheers and drums.

"I have been doing both since freshman year. Sometimes I feel like I work harder drumming than I do cheerleading because you're just in it. You're passionate. It's a love of mine," said Langston.

The big question is how does she do it?
"Magic. It's a lot of feeling out the situation. You need to find out where you are needed. Now, we have a younger drummer who can also drum. So sometimes I have him doing it, and then I can be cheering. So it's a lot of give and take," said Langston.

Pep band leader Jessica Williamson remembers when she first met Emily.

"I'm a female percussionist, and I was like, that's amazing, I love this," said pep band leader Jessica Williamson.

When she discovered she was a cheerleader too, she wondered how it would work out.

"I was a little curious too. I was like how do you do that? She goes, we'll I kind of just bounce around between the two. Whatever you need me for, I'm there, and then when they need me to cheer, I'm there. I was like, what if we need you at the same time? Normally, the cheering takes priority because I have other drummers," said Williamson.

Emily is one of six cheerleaders who are also in the band, and cheerleading coach Jackie Newman says she sets a good example for the entire school," said Jackie Newman.

"She's such a great role model for not just the cheerleaders or the pep band members, but for all of the rest of the students knowing that they don't just have to do one thing, that they can do it all. And this type of environment, allows for that," said Jackie Newman.

She's so inspiring, I wanted to give it a try. 

"Now, I'm with the Lady Huskies cheerleaders, and of course, I had to have them teach me a cheer. Let's see how I do. Ready, let's go. Here we go Huskies, here we go," said Alexis Hatfield.

Not bad for a first timer, then I took a try at playing the drums. I'm going to stick with my day job.

While cheering and drumming at games have become a norm for Emily, sometimes, she turns heads when she isn't performing at Belt.

"A lot of when you go traveling to tournaments a lot of people are like whoa, what's happening. So more other schools. People here are used to it. To me it's just, I'm doing band, and I'm doing cheerleading. It's just two things I love, and they just happen to be together," said Langston.

Emily will keep being Emily. Smiling and showing off her bubbly personality while cheering on Belt high school, and drumming her way through the season, trying to not skip a beat.

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