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Dowdy Siblings Thriving at Capital and Carroll

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Growing up both as post players, and good ones at that, one would assume that Michaela and Connor Dowdy honed their skills together playing one on one growing up. Well as it turns out, that's something they've never tried.

"We've never played against each other, ever," said Connor. "I don't know, we just never have."

"We'd probably end up in a fight or something," joked Michaela. "They're would be a fight somewhere in there. I don't know, we definitely played at different times."

And according to their coaches, it's no secret who they'd have their money on.

"Yeah well I know why he hasn't played one on one," jokes Capital head coach Guy Almquist, "because she would dominate him, I know that. She's a lot tougher."

"Dowdy would definitely catch him with a few elbows," said Saints head coach Rachelle Sayers. "So he probably doesn't want to do that. I think she'd get her shot blocked a few times, but my money would be on Dowdy. She does have the sharpest elbows in Helena."

This season has been a bit of a breakout for both Dowdys. Connor leads the Bruins in both rebounding and blocks, and is second in scoring, while Michaela is one of the #6 ranked Saints top reserves, and they're enjoying seeing each other succeed.

"It's cool seeing both of us in the paper at the same time," said Connor. "She's been having good games, and my mom has been telling me about it because I haven't been able to make it to them."

"I'm really glad I get to watch him this year," said Michaela. "Previous years we were on different schedules, but this year I've been able to watch him a lot more. He's healthy, he's starting, and he's improved a lot."

And while they'll agree it's cool to see both of them succeeding, they can't quite come to terms on who would win that one on one match up.

"Well he is really tall, but I think I can take him," said Michaela.

"I'd go with me, just because, well I don't know," said Connor.

With conference season just getting into full swing for both the Saints and Bruins, Michaela and Connor's one on one game might have to wait with both teams eying a title, but after this kind of smack talk, I'm sure it'll be on this summer.

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