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Capital Bruin Captains Leading by Example

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The Capital Bruins boys basketball team entered the year with seven seniors, and a ton of choices for team captains. The players voted and named three seniors: guard Will Hunthausen, and forwards Trevor Larson and Cody Lucas. 

"It's huge," said Hunthausen. "Especially since the teammates voted, that means they believe in you. They've got your back. And then you have to be a leader all year."

"Coach told me, and it's voted on by the team so I was pretty excited," said Lucas. "It means a lot to the team, so I see that as an important role."

What makes this year's captains so unique, however, is the fact that of the three only Hunthausen plays more than ten minutes per game, meaning that the other two captains do their jobs a lot of times from the bench.

"I don't think it's that hard," said Larson. "We just talk from the bench, we yell a lot, we get guys going. It's not bad at all."

"I don't get a lot of playing time, which I'm fine with," said Lucas. "I just love being a part of this team. Getting the guys together, and getting them going as a team, I find that very important."

It's that kind of unselfish attitude that has made the Bruins one of the top teams in AA the past few seasons.

"Bruin basketball to us is everybody working as one in unison, trying to get the best out of each other," said Bruins head coach Guy Almquist. "And those two guys are a big part of that."

"This is what Bruin basketball is all about," said Larson. "We play as a team, and no matter where you're at you give the same amount of effort. It's Bruin basketball down to the core."

The Bruins have won at least 17 games in each of the past four seasons, and that doesn't happen without good team captains. And as this years captains have proven, they're ready to sacrifice to make it five straight years.

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