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1/11 Senior Standout: Highwood's Denise LaFontaine

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Denise LaFontaine is someone that bad guys want to stay away from ten years from now. Because when she's done playing hoops, she'll take her game to a different kind of court.

"Criminal Prosecution."

That's right, Denise wants to be a lawyer and plans to make a difference in the world by putting bad guys behind bars. It's a goal that's not a surprise to anybody that's known her long enough.

"Well first it fits Denise's personality. It's just who she is," says Highwood Head Coach Brandon Gondeiro. "She's willing to hold people accountable. I think that's what makes her such a great team leader. As a prosecutor, as an attorney in life, it would be a great occupation for her. So it doesn't surprise me"

Her first "motion" towards becoming a lawyer begins with her undergrad. She already applied to Stanford, a college she hopes will help her get into law school.

"I looked into schools that are good for law and saw Stanford was near the top," says Denise. "And I wanted to be one of those top schools. I'm not sure where I want to go to Law School, but I know that if I have Stanford as my undergraduate school that I can get into most places for Law School."

"She's probably the smartest person I know," says teammate Rosie O'Leary. "You better watch out for the person that's coming against her. Because most likely they'd be put in jail."

The State Bar Exam may be years down the road, but in the present, she's setting the bar for her teammates in practice by pushing them to get better.

"She's (one of) the fastest on our team. So you always try to beat her in cross courts or suicides," says her teammate Rosie O'Leary. "sprints or anything, down the court you just try to beat her. But you never really can because she's too fast."

And it's not like she hasn't been able to lead by example. As of Wednesday January 6th, she's averaging 13 points, 7 rebounds, 5.8 assists and a whopping 3.5 steals. In fact, last week she was an assist shy of a triple double. But what stats can't measure is her hustle and her ability to be the spark for the team. 

"She's a kid that can just go and go and go," says coach Gondeiro. "and every team needs an energizer bunny. Somebody who's willing, when you get in foul trouble, when you get short handed, who's willing to play 32 minutes and she's willing to play 32 minutes each and every night day after day, all season long."

Her willingness to provide whatever her teammates need makes her a clear choice to be a Senior Standout. And that's a fact that no one can raise an objection to.

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