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Geyser's Tyrell Smith Prepares for Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals

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Twenty nine year old Tyrell Smith has won plenty of cash, buckles, and even participated in the National Finals Rodeo back in 2012

"The biggest accomplishment in  my career on paper," said saddle bronc rider Tyrell Smith.

Smith appeared to be at the top of his game entering last years Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals. Several factors contributed to a poor performance in Great Falls, and Smith knew then things had to change.  

"I kind of fell back into bad habits and was drinking pretty hard. I rolled off two horses for the Circuit title, and it was a very humbling experience. To me it was a way for God to speak to me and tell me that I got a lot of talent. I can keep doing what I love to do, but I need to smarten up," said Smith.

Even with all the struggles, Smith still finished second and advanced to the Ram National Circuit Finals for the first time. Tyrell would soon face more adversity. In July of 2015, he would  break a saddle he'd been riding for six years and then broke his wrist. 

"Then I kind of decided to let it be and go get it looked at and get it fixed. This weekend is going to be the first few back," said Smith.

Despite all of the ups and downs, Tyrell's talent seems to always get him through. He'll enter this year's Montana Pro Rodeo Circuit Finals in the number two spot with a second straight trip to Nationals still in his sights. 

"Going in second, I can go in and just do my job and ride all three horses the best I can," said Smith.

That's an approach he's applied to life outside the arena over the last year, and it's really paying off. 

"I got married and been a whole year sober. It's a huge affect on my personally because I have more confidence in my ability," said Smith.

Tyrell's wife Janelle is also a barrel racer, and like her husband, she also stopped drinking. Janelle says she couldn't be prouder of how far her husband has come. 

"We both have been sober for a year, and having each other has helped a lot," said Janelle Smith. "I couldn't be more proud of him and his accomplishments, and quitting drinking and finding his faith," said Smith.

Smith says he doesn't hope for any particular outcome this weekend, but he has his faith that he holds on to every time he's on his horse.

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