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Frenzy Feature 1/15: MSU-Northern's Nicole Yazzie

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It was the shot that denied an upset.

Down by two with less than six seconds left, Nicole Yazzie hit a three-pointer from "the spot," helping Westminster College escape the Armory Gymnasium with a win. Skylights head coach Chris Mouat remembers that moment like it was yesterday.

"That was a heck of a shot," says coach Mouat. "It was a heart breaker for our team. The shot from the spot, that was a tough one. It was a tough one, but an amazing shot a great competitor."

That was in 2011. Now in 2016, this great competitor from a former conference rival is on his side, on the bench as his assistant coach.

"I like coaching with her a lot better," says Mouat. "She was a really tough person to prepare for. Her teams were very good, for sure. I always felt like she made her teams go."

"I've always said this from year one when I was a Freshman. This is my favorite place to play in," says Yazzie. "I've had some moments here, I'll never forget them. I know that this is one of the toughest places to play in the Frontier."

And now the four-time All-American is helping to make the Skylights a tough team. Last year Northern ranked 2nd in the nation defensively (behind Westminster) en route to an appearance in the Elite 8. This season they rank first defensively and one of the current players who competed against her is glad to have coach Yazzie in the Maroon and Gold.

"She's the best player I've ever played against," says senior Rachelle Bennett. "Westminny, they've always been really good at defense. Coach Mouat has always really stressed on that and her coming her, she just brings a whole different idea to it and they work together. We always have a really good defensive plan, between the two of them especially."

Rachelle isn't the only one who remembers Coach Yazzie from her playing days.

"People remember me here," says Yazzie. "I'm ten hours away from Salt Lake and I had someone come up to (me) at a restaurant and said, 'you're the girl that shot that shot and won the game!' And I was like, wow, I was just here for one day so far."

Even though Coach Mouat and Yazzie are on the same side now, the subject of "the spot," still comes up.

"When I came here, Coach Mouat was like, 'you know, I don't know why you're here. You hit that shot on me and I was about to beat the number five team in the nation."

The shot from the spot may have been one of her most memorable moments as a player, but now she's making new memories from a new spot on the bench.

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