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1/18 Senior Standout: Three Female Wrestlers Breaking Barriers

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Usually when you think about girls in wrestling, this is what you think of.

"Wrestle, wrestle, twist them like a pretzel!"

But for Helena's Alyssa Schrull, and Capital's Mary Silvan, and Kyleigh Schulte, this is more their style.


These three seniors have all wrestled all four years of high school, and are the only girls on their teams, so I asked them what made them so interested in wrestling.

"I honestly don't know," said Silvan. "I just walked in and said 'this seems fun, I'm going to do it.'"

"My brother started wrestling, and I thought it was fun looking so I joined," said Schrull.

"I kind of was there at every tournament," said Schulte. "I would be doing the table working, and it just kind of looked like something that might be something that I would enjoy doing."

Being young women in a predominantly male sport, just competing for a single season would have been hard work. But to compete for four consecutive years shows character.

"I think that we have a lot more commitment than most people would really have in just their normal life," said Schulte. "In wrestling it kind of forces you to show that commitment, and have that kind of dedication."

"It's definitely difficult to be the only one of a certain kind of person, like a girl," said Schrull. "But the team has overall been really encouraging, and it's more like a family."

All three have proven to be successful on the mat at the high school level. So much so, that they're considering collegiate wrestling, and are receiving plenty of interest.

"I definitely would wrestle in college if I were scholarshipped," said Silvan. "Because wrestling in college is not cheap at all, but if I had a scholarship I definitely would continue."

"I'm talking to a few colleges, primarily Jamestown and Southern Oregon," said Schrull. "I'm trying to figure some things out, and haven't decided yet."

But regardless of what these three do after high school, the best part, they say, is being a role model to other female athletes.

"A lot of the other girls that do just cheerleading and dance team kind of look up to you," said Schulte. "And they see you kind of as a role model, and I think that's kind of cool."

"I just try to remember that women can do anything that men can, and I'm here just like anyone else is," said Schrull.

In a sport where men are the majority, these three seniors have found a way to not only stand out, but break down barriers for high school girls throughout Montana.

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