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Capital's Sheridan Embracing the Expectations of Number 32

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For years the number 32 has belonged to a certain family at Capital High School. The Johnston sisters all wore it, and for the past 4 seasons it was on youngest sister McKenzie's back. All she did was lead the Bruins to a state title in 2015. But now she's gone, and a freshman protégé is now wearing it.

"She was a huge inspiration to me," says guard Sydney Sheridan. "She was always trying to make me better, and teaching me stuff, and I just really look up to her."

Sydney's decision to step up to the plate couldn't have made her coach any happier.

"I was really pleased when she grabbed that," said Bruins head coach Bill Pilgeram. "It's kind of a challenge for her because it puts the pressure on her. But also having a great role model and something to shoot for is very important, and she picked the best one she could."

Playing varsity as a freshman is always challenging, especially when you're thrust into the spotlight. Due to injury, Sydney was the starting point guard for the Bruins in each of their first four games, something even Kenzie didn't do, forcing her to sink or swim early.

"I had put in a lot of work, and I had been playing with a lot of good girls from around the state," said Sheridan. "So I was super nervous going in, but as long as I worked my hardest I'm fine."

"We know there's going to be growing pains in young players, and she's taking coaching very well," said Pilgeram. "She has looked at her mistakes and tried to improve those mistakes."

It's that work ethic, and natural ability, as much as the number on her back, that are reminding people of the standout she's replaced.

"She's got great vision, she's a great passer, both of them were just very smart about knowing when to attack, when to penetrate, those kinds of things," said Pilgeram.

"Both of us like to attack the basket, and we always are looking to get the steal, and get our hands in," said Sheridan."

It's hard to compare a freshman to one of the best players to ever play at a high school, but if nothing else, at least Sydney Sheridan has proven so far, that she's on the right path to filling that number 32.

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