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Helena high school students signs with L.A modeling firm

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Christine Walsh knew her daughter had a sparkle to her.  "She inspires me and I’m her mother."

So she decided it was time for the whole world to see it. She posted pictures of her Kennedy..."We thought there wasn't enough variety of individuals with all abilities in modeling, photographs…we spend just as much money….shop in the same places she enjoys the same things so we want to change that."

....the feedback was overwhelming.  So for the last two years, Christine and Kennedy have been working on a movement to motivate others.

"her campaign is pushing larger companies to use models of all abilities and we want to see more of that in advertising."

Kennedy went to Los Angeles earlier this month to participate in the international modeling and talent association convention. For the very first time, Kennedy took the runway, strutting in style...."I modeled in bathing suit, black dress, sunglasses"

While in L.A. she received four awards….top ten for commercial beauty model. Honorable mention in the swimming suit competition, won the spirit award, and the courage award.

It's the perfect time, its where kids are influenced, so when they see something positive like this they  are excited and get behind her…its finding acceptance too, it's not just about changing what modeling is about its acceptance as well.."  

Before leaving L.A she already had ten offers on the table…."We spent an extra day visiting trying to find out who they were and who was representing her…we wanted the perfect fit for her..Who had the same vision as Kennedy…who saw that vision and who was on board with it"

For Kennedy, this was all she could've dreamed of. But for Christine, it's just her daughter’s sparkle shining through.

Kennedy will be joining Alexandria De Rossi's team at the firm L.A. model and talent agency, and will remain in Helena high school with her friends and fly to L.A. for projects.

You can follow her on instagram @ kennedyinspires

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