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Frenzy Feature 1/22: Carroll's Beaugh Meyer

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Beaugh Meyer was used to dominating on the field of play. But after spending two years helping people during his mission, it took a little bit of time to regain that killer instinct. 

"You're actively serving others, and you're actively striving to love people that you've never met before," said Meyer. "Unlike football, when you're on the field you see somebody who you've never seen before, and instead of loving them you need to be physically overpowering and you need to dominate."

It also took some time to find a school interested in his service. After missing two years he says the D-I schools that previously wanted him no longer did. It was then that he came to Carroll. The only school that would allow him to do multiple sports.

"He got fired up about that, that's why he had a little chip on his shoulder," said Saints head track coach Harry Clark. "He said 'watch, I'll show you guys that I can play, and I can throw.' And so I think that's a pretty key factor for him."

Maybe it's that extra motivation that has fueled Beaugh's terrific junior year. A starting defensive tackle on the football team, he led the Saints in tackles for loss in the fall, and in his first track meet of the spring last week, he threw the longest shot put in the nation.

"Thankfully the position that I play in football, a lot of it has to do with my power, and it translates over perfectly for track and field as well," said Meyer. "It's that power, and the ability to be explosive both on the field and on the platform that help for the both."

Beaugh's 16.4 meter shot put in last week's Montana State Open would have been good for second place at last year's NAIA nationals. But that chip on his shoulder, that people said he couldn't play after his mission, is what he thinks will take him to the top.

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