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Senior Standout: Chinook's Brooke Nicholson, Monday 1/25

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"Brooke reminds me of one quote that I really like," says Chinook head coach Mollie Rose. "'Motivation gets you going, and discipline keeps you going.' And that is something she strives to do every day."

Chinook Point Guard Brooke Nicholson had to grow up quickly to fit the description of her coach's favorite quote. Especially when it comes to being the youngest of four children.

"It's really nice being daddy's girl," Nicholson said laughing. 

But her role with the Sugarbeeters is compZaletely flipped. Brooke is the oldest girl on the team. And as the only Senior, her newfound responsibilities have transformed her into the team's unquestioned leader.

"It's a bit of a different role. Being the youngest, you kind of do what you want," says Brooke. "Here, I have responsibility. I really want to make sure are okay."

"She really did have to step up this year," says coach Rose. "She's one of the best Senior leaders that I think I've ever had the privilege to coach. Sometimes I go to her for questions as she comes to me. So she is like the big girl on the team."

Brooke certainly plays like a big girl on the court. She's hitting over 30% of her three pointers and averaging over 16 points a game. Her hustle and leadership are traits that stats can't measure.
"She has an intensity that she brings with her every time she steps on the court," says junior post Brooke Elliot. "It's awesome to play with because when she gets intense, everybody gets intense. When she gets excited, everybody gets excited."

"No competition is too big for her,"  says coach Rose. "It seems the more I motivate her and the bigger the game, the more she shows up and the more she performs."

The biggest stages are where the pressure is on. Pressure can burst a pipe or make a diamond. Which is another quote that describes Brook's ability to perform wherever and whenever her team needs her.

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