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Frenzy Feature 1/29: Montana Western's Shyke Smalls

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Shyke Smalls has had no problem getting buckets this season.

The former Great Falls High Bison has launched himself into the top five scoring leaders in the Frontier Conference. It's an achievement he had to work for.

"It hasn't happened over night," says Western head coach Steve Keller. "he's really worked at his game. I just think he's way more confident. He's not worried that I might take him out if he takes a bad shot. He's pretty much got the green light."

Shyke's average was only single digits a year ago. He credits the improvement to his new found believe in himself.

"Just confidence," says Smalls. "Just going out every night and trying to put myself to help my team. If it's scoring, then it's scoring. I think confidence plays a big part in my game."
"He's not afraid to take a big shot in a big situation," says Keller. "He's been making big plays for us. We use him as a decoy at times, but he's just stepped up his overall game.

Shyke has been clutch for his team on both ends of the court. The Junior is ranked number three in the country for total steals. His ability to adjust his game to whatever his team needs comes from his time as a Bison

"Every year from my freshman to my sophomore to junior to senior season I was on the Varsity season but I had different roles and stuff. The same thing at Western. Last year I wasn't much of a scorer. I just came in and gave Steve McCall some breaks. This year I've been called to score a little bit more so I think that's played a balance in both parts."

Shyke's goal is to lead the Bulldogs back to the National tournament. For a guy who knows how do to so much on the court… you'd have to figure he'll find a way to make it happen

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