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Senior Standout 2/1: CMR's Kathryn Heryla and GFH's Jared Biddle

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Great Falls senior Jared Biddle and C.M. Russell senior Kathryn Heryla may attend two different schools a few miles apart, but these two swimmers are apart of a big swim team.

"I really like the bonds that you form between other people. We are one big team, and I just like that we have a bunch of relationships and friendships formed between the teams," said senior Jared Biddle.

"You look at the lanes next to you, and you just see these people. It's like they're your best friends, but it's the best thing you because can compete with them," said senior Kathryn Heryla.

Kathryn has swam for the Lady Rustlers all four years, and she competes in so many events that it's hard to list them all. When it's competition time, she's focused.

"I'll get to the block, and I just zone in. I really try and just focus on my lane only. I focus on one thing to try and get better on during that race," said Heryla.

Jared has also competed all four years for the Great Falls Bison boys team.

"You have to work and train. Basically, you have to make swimming your life to be able to be good," said Biddle. 

Now as a senior, he says his hard work in the pool is paying off.

"In my 200 freestyle, I think that probably this year was my biggest accomplishment. I finally broke two minutes like a week after Christmas Break got over, and I couldn't have been happier," said Biddle.
C.M. Russell and Great Falls High head swim coach Ed McNamee says Jared and Kathryn are consistent.

"I know everyday when they show up here that they're going to give their best performance in practice and at meets," said head coach Ed McNamee.

Jared only has a few weeks left with the swim team, but it's his plans after high school that has him diving into an even bigger pool.

"I enlisted in the United States Coast Guard, and  I leave a week after graduation. So this will help me definitely get through basic training," said Biddle.

His swimming experience has also helped him learn some valuable lessons that he can use in the military.

"We learn discipline, and we learn to own up to our own mistakes. We learn how to work as a team," said Biddle.

Kathryn's is also thinking about life after high school.

"I'm probably going to go to college. I'm looking at ROTC. Maybe going to the military after college. I'm also looking into the Peace Corps," said Heryla.

Coach McNamee formerly served in the Air National Guard, and he feels proud of his two swimmers future endeavors.

"I think that just kind of tiplify's the service that those two have. That's the way they look at life, how are they going to impact others," said McNamee.

With Crosstown and States around the corner, these two swimmers hope to finish their senior year strong.

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