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Bighorns' Blassic Making an Off the Ice Assist

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It can be deafening inside the Hockey Arena when Matt Blassic is working on the ice, but it can get pretty loud at his other job too. Matt's second job is at the Lewis and Clark Humane Society, which is a bit of a contrast from the hard hitting sport of hockey.

"I get to touch my softer side," said Blassic. "It's just nice to work with animals that haven't had the best lives. It's kind of a nice stress reliever too to be with the animals."

On the ice, it's Matt's job to set his teammates up with the best assist to score. Here it's his job to assist the animals, some of whom need some T-L-C. 

"I take care of the animals for the day, and make sure where they are is clean, make sure they're taken care of, and well fed, because sometimes they're not in the best condition when they come in, but that's what we try to," said Blassic. "We try to help them, and get them back to game shape."

It's not always a glamorous job. Keeping the animals, and their shelters clean is a big part of Matt's job.

"It can be life or death, because with all the animals coming in, especially from places that we don't know where their coming from, disease can be deadly," said Blassic. "We do a really good job of making sure everything is disinfected, and we've saved a lot of lives that way too."

But there are definitely some perks to it.

"Kennel life isn't an easy life for a dog, so it's a lot of making sure they're comfortable," said Blassic.

Each worker is assigned a dog at the shelter to help nurture during their time there.

"It's just to acclimate them, and get them better mannered," said Blassic. "And honestly just to get them to a home."

Coming to Helena, Matt's goal was to find a new home with a college hockey team. He's done that, and also made some friends, who he's managed to find new homes as well.

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