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Chinook Holds service to Remember Jesse Dannels

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While interviewing Jesse's friends and family at the reception, different family members would photobomb the interview. Some photobombs were subtle, some were not.

It was the best way for them to honor beloved Chinook senior Jesse Dannels. He had a history of photobombing previous reporters and interviews on KFBB. So his family would do it to honor his memory. Jesse's loved one described him as a goofball who enjoyed life, loved his friends and was an overall inspiration.

“Jesse was a light,” says his brother Ryan Reid. “When you come into contact with him, he’s just absolutely amazing. From the time Jesse was little, he’s been amazing. He’s an Angel.”

People from all over the state traveled to Chinook to pay their respects to the former Football and Wrestling state champion, including  Malta, Turner, Conrad, Havre and the C-J-I Football team. It was yet another display of how his love for people reached beyond the borders of Chinook.

“We walked into that gym and saw all of those people,” says Jesse’s mom Ruth. “That came out to be there for our son and us and to honor him.”

“It just showed how much of an impact he’s had not only on the small community of Chinook,” says Jesse’s former Football teammate Lane Seymour. “But the impact he had around the state, you know.”

Of course the service wasn’t without those who mourned his loss. Jesse was a friend, teammate, a son, a brother. But no matter what, he treated any individual like a member of his own family.

“Jesse’s Legacy is love,” says Reid. “he really lead a life that was all about helping and giving. I’ve had countless people coming to me telling their stories.”  “I’ve had messages from people telling me that he’s touched their lives.”

“Jesse James Dannels will always be a bright shining star in our community and in our life,” says Ruth. “We have an empty hole that we can fill with all these memories people give us.”

The Hi-Line will not be the same without Jesse Dannels. But as long as people continue to live their lives in honor of him, Jesse will always be around. It can be as simple as loving our friends and family to the fullest, and appreciating the little moments.

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