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Senior Standout 2/22: Capital's Savannah Bignell

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"I think I'm trying to live my own legacy right now, but definitely following in their footsteps, they've all been great."

Savannah Bignell's upbringing was rooted in basketball. Her sister Sierra, and cousins Sammy and Kay Bignell were all good players at Capital High, but being the only one with a state title, she may have some bragging rights.

"Almost every time I see them you've got to rub or put it in there somewhere," said Savannah. "It's always a good laugh."

Savannah grew up on a ranch, which helped develop a "no quit" mentality. It's something that has helped her as she has taken over as the lead guard for the Bruins this year.

"It's always just been in me that you don't stop until you're told to stop," said Savannah. "Until the sun goes down at the ranch."

"She's in that mold of just being strong, and aggressive, and a farm kid mentality that she'll just go work, work, work, and out-hustle you every time she's out there," said Bruins head coach Bill Pilgeram.

That hustle isn't limited to the basketball court either. On the bus rides to games, Savannah is also quite the hustler.

"We've been playing poker on the bus rides and stuff," said Savannah. "And I am the queen of pocket rockets, the queen."

For those of you who don't know, a "pocket rocket" is a hand made of two aces.

"And she is the queen of yelling as well," joked Bruins senior guard Maddie Quick. "She always wins. I don't know how she does it, but she manages to win every single time. And she never plays a poker game without getting at least one pocket rocket."

But as Savannah looks at her future she has to decide if she follows her family, who has sent four players through Montana Western, or if she makes her own path.

"Sierra and Kaye have really helped me to make it my decision," said Savannah. "Like they've kind of pressured me a little bit, but it's all jokes and they want me to make the right decision of what fits me the best."

With a state championship on her resume, Savannah has made a mark no other Bignell has at Capital High. Now she's looking to be the next big Bignell to win in college as well. But where is to be determined.

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