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OPINA'S OPINION - 2016 Northern C Wrap-Up and Awards

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The Northern C Tournament is without a doubt one of my favorite tournaments of the year. It's so much fun to see all of our viewing-area teams gathered in one place. 

Champions were crowned. Memories were made. And the moments that were created are some of the best we've had for all sports this academic year.

Let's get to the reason you clicked on the link to read this blog. Let's wrap up the Northern C And give away some awards, recognition and hardware! (Note, no actual physical hardware will be given out).

Most Valuable Player:

Boys – Jerrod Four Colors (Box Elder)

Listed at 6’4” and an ungodly amount of athleticism, Jerrod Four Colors is a match-up nightmare. His wingspan is probably equivalent to a 6’6” or 6’8” athlete.

Four Colors was the X-Factor of this entire tournament. He averaged 16.3 points per game, but what stats can’t measure is the effect he had on his team’s defense. The guy can plug the middle or defend the perimeter if needed. I couldn’t even count the amount of offensive rebounds and put-backs he had against Belt in the title game.

Without Four Colors’ presence, Box Elder would be a different team (as good as they already are with all that talent and depth). Four Colors helps put this team over the top. They are the favorites heading into the Class C State Tournament.

Honorable Mentions: Brandon The Boy (Box Elder), Koltin Haugrose (Belt), Treyton Pickering (Sunburst)

Girls – Lorrianne Stulc (Roy/Winifred)

Just like last year, the MVP on the girl’s side was a close race. It’s hard to not pick Belt’s Kerstyn Pimperton or Dani Urick.

It was a VERY difficult decision, but I went with Lorianne Stulc because she had an amazing tournament performance, helping a dangerous Roy/Winifred team battle back from the consolation bracket to a 3rd place finish (despite having to play an extra game for being a 3-seed). Stulc averaged 15.8 ppg, which included a 21-point performance against Great Falls Central. This junior has a very bright future.

Honorable Mentions: Kerstyn Pimperton (Belt), Dani Urick (Belt), Jude The Boy (Box Elder)

Best Coach:

Boys – Jeremy MacDonald (Box Elder)

It’s hard to argue against the guy that won the Divisional tournament.

Every single person I’ve talked to that knows Coach Jeremy on a personal level described him as “Classy.” This was evident during the district tournament when he suspended himself for the 9-C title game, saying he holds himself at the same standards he holds his players.

Jeremy MacDonald has so much talent on his roster and he has them playing well together. Box Elder is a team that cannot be beat when they’re clicking on all cylinders.

Honorable Mentions: Kyle Paulson (Belt), Nate Aschim (Sunburst)

Girls – Jeff Graham (Belt)

Again, it’s hard to argue against the guy that won the Divisional tournament.

The thing I’ve always liked about Coach Graham is that his system has always been consistent, thus why Belt is a powerhouse every year. It’s true what they say about Belt: “Tradition Never Graduates.” Coach Graham’s work goes way beyond the hours at practice and the 32 minutes per game.

Should also be noted that Coach Graham repeats at this category.

A special honorable mention goes out to Box Elder’s Joel Rosette. The Lady Bears were nowhere near this competitive a year ago (they floated around .500, couldn’t find exact record. They reached the consolation Semifinals at Divisionals). Now they’re bound for state with only one loss on the season (Belt in the title game). He did a fantastic job with the Lady Bears program in the span of a year.

Honorable Mentions: Joel Rosette (Box Elder), Marietta Boyce/Mauri Elness (Roy/Winifred), Chris Daniel (Centerville), Angie Dowson (Great Falls Central)

Best 6th Man:

Boys – Tristan Bernard (Box Elder)

It must be nice for Jeremy MacDonald to have so much talent and DEPTH on his roster. Box Elder arguably had the deepest team in the Northern C tournament. As much as it’s fun to watch this team score, they’re all committed to defense. This includes Tristan Bernard, who is usually Coach MacDonald’s first guy off the bench.  Bernard led the bench in scoring.

Girls – Sara Anderson (Belt) 

Belt has a very talented starting five. What also makes them dangerous is the depth of their bench. Sara Anderson is usually one of the first players to go in and she does her job VERY well. She’s one of the Huskies most efficient shooters from deep and averaged 7.3 points in each of their three wins.

Best Student Section: Belt

When Husky Nation shows up, the SHOW up! I still have their chants stuck in my head (Go Belt Go. Go Belt Go).

Honorable Mention: Box Elder, Great Falls Central, Tri-Cities, DGS

Best Cheerleaders: Centerville

I’ve seen their halftime performance FOUR times and I get more impressed each time. You don’t put together a routine that well without HOURS of practice and rehearsing.

Click here to see a snippet of their performance.

Best Mascot: The Lego Dudes

The only disappointing thing about seeing these Lego guys was that they didn’t start singing, “EVERYTHING IS AWESOMMMMMMMME” (You’d get this if you’ve seen the Lego Movie).

Click here to see a picture.

Best Moment Of Sportsmanship: Chase “Birdman” Rossmiller (Power) and CJ Stevenson (Tri-Cities)

In one of the most competitive games of the tournament, the Titans’ CJ Stevenson (one of their best players) fouled out of the game. Power’s Chase “Birdman” Rossmiller went up to him before he sat on the bench and gave him a big hug despite the fact that these two teams were battling to keep their season alive in a VERY tight game. It was one of the coolest moments  of the whole tournament.

CJ Stevenson returned the favor. He nominated Chase Rossmiller for the sportsmanship award for that game, which he won.

Tri-Cities went on to win 69-65.

Best Band: Power

Another repeat winner from last year’s awards. This band has me wanting to watch Pirates of the Caribbean again every time they start playing the Pirates Theme Song.

Click here to see a snippet of their Pirates Theme performance.

Honorable Mention: Belt

You Da Real MVP: Tim Tharp (Sunburst)

Tim Tharp has run this Northern C Tournament for 13 years and did a fantastic job. The people behind the scenes don’t get appreciated enough. So Tim, this is my way to show appreciation. Thank YOU please tell the rest of your staff thank you on behalf of the media.

I’m glad we were able to catch Mr. Tharp one more time before he called it quits.

Click here to see our last interview with him.

Best Surprise: The Northern C Tailgate

We were blessed with great weather during the tournament. So some of the Northern C Kids decided to take advantage by hosting a tailgate outside of the four seasons arena.

The tailgate had plenty of representation from the Northern C, including Ian McIntosh (Chinook), Erik Pschernig (Simms), Jake Bloom (Simms), Tyler Tharp (Sunburst Alum), Chase Rossmiller (Power), Jaren Smerker (Simms), Thomas Kohut (Simms) and others (Contact me on Twitter if I missed you I can easily edit this blog and include names).

They bought a couch from Goodwill and posted up at a spot in the parking lot. They had everything you would expect in a tailgate, including BBQ (courtesy of BBQ Master Erik Pschernig), pop and snacks.

The much touted item of this tailgate was the $15 couch, which on a scale of 1-10, Pschernig described it’s comfort level as “3000.” Sitting next to him at the time, I wouldn’t disagree with him.

One more special shout out goes to Tyler Tharp, who may have given KFBB a new slogan by making a sign for the Tailgate:


Click here to see the LIVE segment we did with the Tailgate.

Playing through pain award:

Boys – Logan Simmes (Sunburst)

Coach Nate Aschim told me Logan broke his hand before the district tournament started. Logan decided to summon his “Inner Black Mamba” (Kobe reference) by taping up the hand and playing through the pain. That is indeed Black Mamba status.

Girls – Brooke Nicholson (Chinook)

Brooke played the tournament with an illness. She couldn’t even go to school the week of the tournament. Talk about terrible timing! Yet she still summoned her “Inner His-Airness” (Michael Jordan Reference) and played through the sickness. She was one of the few players in this tournament to have a 20+ point game (scored 21 against Valier)

Best Photobomb: Belt Huskies

Just click here

Boys All Divisional Tournament Team:


1st Team:

Koltin Haugrose (Belt)
Matt Metrione (Belt)
Jerrod Four Colors (Box Elder)
Brandon The Boy (Box Elder)
Treyton Pickering (Sunburst)

2nd Team:

Troy Harmon (CJI)
Tyson Shambo (Hays/LP)
Timothe Jarvis (Sunburst)
Jace Aune (Tri-Cities)
Chance McAllister (Tri-Cities)

Honorable Mentions:

Jess Bodner (Belt)
Jaren Maki (Belt)
Shane Ketchum (Box Elder)
Jake Jones-Morsette (Box Elder)
Pernell Morsette (Box Elder)
Cory Richter (CJI)
Justin May (CJI)
Kordell Carpenter (DGS)
Rhett Woodhall (DGS)
Jace Shambo (Hays/LP)
Thane Hegelson (Hays/LP)
Malique Aims Back (Heart Butte)
Chasen Kipp (Heart Butte)
Seth Kitchin (Power)
Lucas Kalanic (Power)
Chase Rossmiller (Power)
Logan Simmes (Sunburst) 
Jackson Nagy (Sunburst)
CJ Stevenson (Tri-Cities)

Girls All Divisional Tournament Team:


1st Team:

Kerstyn Pimperton (Belt)
Dani Urick (Belt) 
Jude The Boy (Box Elder)
Lorianne Stulc (Roy/Winifred) 
Mariah Stoltz (Valier) 

2nd Team:

Cecilia Vielle (Centerville)
Addy Martin (Belt)
Emily Bergum (Roy/Winifred)
Brooke Nicholson (Chinook)
Bryn Anderson (Great Falls Central)


Honorable Mentions:

Peyton Vining (Centerville)
Lindsey Drew (Centerville)
Bailey Cooper (Belt)
Sara Anderson (Belt)
Kassie Hoyer (Belt)
Tia Russell (Box Elder)
Alyssa LaMere (Box Elder)
Tyra Gopher (Box Elder)
Korrin Harmon (CJI)
Sierra Johnson (Dutton/Brady)
Katie Wilson (GFCC)
Danae McClure (Roy/Winifred)

Click here to see the wrap-up and awards from last year.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Hit me up on twitter; @DerekOpinaKFBB

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