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Senior Standout 2/29: Tri-City Titan's Jace Aune

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Tri-City Titans senior guard Jace Aune can split the defense with his offensive moves, and on the other side, he can be the defense that his opponents have to watch out for.

"You want to talk about someone that can play defense. This kid can play defense," said Tri-City Titans head coach Kacey Wichman.

"You know I'm definitely not the most vocal guy, but I just do it by example. I want to work hard. Work hard on D. Give high fives. Help my teammates up. I might not be the most vocal, but I'll do it with my play and get our guys fired up with my own play," said senior guard Jace Aune.

The Tri-City Titans co-op, Hobson/Moore/Judith Gap, made it to the Northern C Divisional tournament for the very first time and even won two games at the tourney.

"Even coming in as a three seed, it's awesome to be here. I've only ever watched games on this floor. It's awesome to be out there under the lights playing for a chance to go to State," said Aune.

Even though the Titans weren't able to earn one of the two spots to advance to the State tournament, Jace's offensive game was on fire as he averaged 15 points a game.

"He's a leader. He's a leader out there. He says what needs to be said and when it needs to be said. The rest of the kids look up to him. He's put more hours in the gym than any of them and they respect him and it shows great leadership for us. I'm very fortunate to have a young man like this on my team," said Wichman.

While Jace's high school basketball career is over, he hopes to leave a positive legacy on the Tri-City Titans team.
"I don't want anybody to remember the points, the wins. I just want people to remember me by my character, what I left on the floor. The passion that I brought to the game and how much I love this game of basketball. That's what I want to leave behind," said Aune.

And that's the only stat line that matters.

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