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3/14 Senior Standout: Box Elder's Tyrah Gopher, Alyssa LaMere and Jude The Boy

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Box Elder's Tyrah Gopher, Alyssa LaMere and Jude The Boy had one year left in their high school basketball career to prove what the Lady Bears girls basketball team could do.

The Lady Bears had to make it back to the Northern C Divisional tournament and then advance to Class C State tourney. Two goals that the three upperclassmen were able to cross of their list this year.

"It's kind of weird that we would be the group of girls to get the job done," said senior guard Alyssa LaMere.

"It's the first time the Lady Bears have been to State since 1998, obviously it's been a long time coming," head coach Joel Rosette.

After a long time coming, the Lady Bears took home a second place state trophy. 

"The season, it was really special because everyone told us we weren't going to make it very far and I guess our hard work eventually paid off," said senior center Tyrah Gopher.

"Pretty special because I've never experienced this good feeling in a long time on a basketball team," said senior guard Jude The Boy.

All three seniors stepped up this season in different ways.

Tyrah as a dominating force in the post position by blocking shots. Alyssa as a defensive machine by getting steals, and Jude The Boy contributing with her offensive moves.

"They did everything I asked this summer and during the school year. They've always did whatever it took to make this team successful," said Rosette.

While their basketball season is over for good, the three seniors want to leave behind a legacy.

"I want people to remember me by not being the tallest girl on the court, but the one that will work the hardest in the paint," said Gopher.

"I say just everyone just notice all the hard work we put in and hopefully make them want to work just as hard to finish what we started," said LaMere.

"That if you put in the work that it will pay off," said Jude The Boy.

The Box Elder Lady Bears have definitely proven that.

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