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3/28 Senior Standout: Helena High's Connor Matthews

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Helena High senior Connor Matthews is a pretty busy guy. A 4.0 student, along with being a varsity basketball player and runner for the track and field team, sometimes keeping the schedule together can be tough.

"My dad coaches me, and he's been doing a good job of giving me workouts," said Connor. "During the basketball season, when we could, we'd try go get some track workouts."

Trying to schedule workouts and schoolwork may be tough, but it's something Connor is pretty used to. Which is good, since this fall he'll be attending Princeton not only as a student, but as a part of the Tigers Ivy League champs track and field team.

"I honestly hope I can balance it," laughed Connor. "I know it's going to be a lot of hard work and dedication, but I think it's going to be a great opportunity to be able to have that athletic side and academic side."

"You know that from Sunday night to Friday afternoon you've got to have one focus, and that's getting your schoolwork done, and getting your training done," said Bengals head track and field coach Tony Arntson. "And then you get a couple days on the weekend to let yourself either compete in a sport and relax and have fun, or just relax."

Last season Connor was the state champ and set a Helena High record in the 400 meter, but says his biggest accomplishment was being a part of the Bengals championship 4x4 team, which was the final event at the state tournament, giving the Bengals a share of the team state title.

"That was definitely the high point so far," said Connor. "It's nice to get a title to our high school at Helena High, it's just really fun."

"Breaking track records at a school like Helena High school at a school that's been around for 100 years that says a lot," said Arntson. "It takes all the right things. He puts his teammates first, and as individual as this track can get, that's what's important to him."

Before Connor makes the switch from a Bengal to a Tiger, he enters this track season looking to defend his team's crown as Class AA champions. And if he's able to break a few more Helena High records along the way, well that's okay with him too.

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