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Golfers Take Advantage of Nice Weather and Opening Day at Anaconda Hills Golf Course

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Keith Gattis couldn't wait to get out on the green at Anaconda Hills Golf Course in Black Eagle.
"I worked a graveyard last night, and it what was kind of really looking forward was getting out here and golfing," said Keith Gattis.

He signed up to play nine out eighteen holes. Regardless of how long he would play, it's really about why he plays golf in the first place.

"I'm a combat veteran. I deal with a lot of anxiety and post-tramatic stress," said Gattis.

Keith says he was apart of the United States Air Force for six years, even serving at Malstrom Air Force Base and overseas in Iraq.

"You go in there, they train you and everything else like that, but that ain't train you for everything that you are going to see. "Getting out here golfing and everything else like that" . You're taking that deep breath. Focusing on the ball. It kind of forces you to push everything out of your mind," said Gattis.

While Keith enjoys the serenity golf offers to him, fellow golfer Bruce Ainsworth also enjoys the "home away from home" atmosphere that the golf course brings.

"It's probably the place I I feel the most comfortable in my life. I come out don't have any cares. It's just coming out here and enjoy it" said Bruce Ainsworth.

Husband and wife, Chris Fleck and Sherry Boyer, are also taking advantage of the nice weather to play a full round of golf.

"It's a way to do something that we both enjoy and that we can enjoy together."

But who's the better golfer between the two?

"He's been playing a lot longer, so he's better. But she has occasionally beat me. I got a hole in one last year," said Chris Fleck and Sherry Boyer.

Regardless of one's skill level or reason for stepping onto the green, golfers like Keith took one day to relieve some of life's stress and to even have some fun.

"Something I enjoy. I'm not playing for cash, I'm not playing for a trophy, I'm just playing to be playing," said Gattis. 

And sometimes grabbing a golf club and hitting the course is all you need.

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