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Carroll Saints Football Spring Scrimmage Wrap from Sunday, 4/3

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Last season the Carroll Saints football team was struck by a pretty bad case of the injury bug, particularly at wide receiver. But as they wrapped up their second spring scrimmage of the season on Saturday, coaches and players are saying the experience that those players got stepping in is already paying off.

"Last year we were pretty young at wideout so there were some kids that had to step up," said Saints senior quarterback JT Linder.

"Troy Arntson, Connor Fohn, they've done a great job this spring. They did a good job last year. It's nice that Kyle is kind of there to lead the way for them, and then those guys fill in great," said Linder.

"Well, Troy Arntson got a lot of reps last year as a front line player when all the injuries took place," said Saints head coach Mike Van Diest.

"Kyle Griffith, having him back just makes a world of difference out there, and I think that's a big key for us. Connor McGree at tight end is doing a good job, and I just think that's making him a lot better," said Van Diest.

Now while that experience may have helped on Saturday, only scoring one touchdown on the day isn't going to get it done. The Saints have a couple of weeks before their final scrimmage on April 16. They're hoping to fine tune some things to figure out what they can do so they can score a few more points that Saturday.

The Carroll Saints will host it's 2016 spring game on April, 16, 2016.

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