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Montana State Wraps up Triangle Classic with Scrimmage, Highlights from Saturday 4/9

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Tyler Bruggman threw three touchdown passes while the Bobcat defense registered eight sacks and a pair of turnovers in Montana State’s 2016 Triangle Classic at Great Falls on Saturday.
Bobcats head coach Jeff Choate, in his first spring at MSU, said Saturday’s effort marked one of the many tide changes of spring drills. “I thought our offense was really lethargic in our Thursday practice and the defense definitely got the upper hand,” he said. “Obviously that was addressed, and I thought the offense looked sharp (Saturday).”

Bruggman threw for 104 yards Saturday, on 7-for-12 passing with an interception. After an early interception, the junior transfer settled in for a solid day. “That’s kind of the ebb and flow of spring football,” Choate said. “One side gets the better of the other one day, and they get a little up set and then it goes the other way. I thought the off ense had a little more focus and deliberateness to what they were doing than the defense did.”
Bobcat offensive coordinator Courtney Messingham liked his team’s effort. “We made a few nice plays and kept playing hard throughout,” he said. “We need to keep working on the little things and need to finish spring ball with a great attitude. We need to continue to learn and get better.”
On the other side of the ball, defensive coordinator Ty Gregorak liked his squad’s takeaway production but said there’s room for improvement. “We gave up too many big plays,” he said. “We got some turnovers at crucial times but we need to continue to work toward being a more consistent unit. We can’t have an interception then follow it with (giving up) a big TD pass. We’ll keep working. We need every rep in practice and every second of meeting time. We’ll keep grinding together as a unit.”
Spring drills for the Cats continue this week with a Wednesday practice and Friday’s Sonny Holland Spring Scrimmage at 7 pm in Bobcat Stadium. MSU wraps up the spring with a practice a week from Monday.
First half team (full-field)
Scoring plays
Austin Barth 27 yard receptions from Tyler Bruggman
Woody Brandom 70 yard reception Ben Folsom
Team Stats
Rushing: Gunnar Brekke 4-12-0, Nick LaSane 2-17-0, Brady McChesny 1-9-0, Tyler Bruggman 1-5-0. Total 8-43-0.
Passing: Tyler Bruggman 5-10-1, 71, 1 TD; Ben Folsom 1-1-0, 70, 1; Brady McChesny 2-4-0, 24, 0. Total 8-15-1, 165, 1 TD.
Receiving: Austin Barth 1-27-1, Woody Brandom 1-70-1, Keon Stephens 1-8-0, Justin Paige 1-7-0, Chad Newell 1-24-0, Will Krolick 1-12-0, Mitchell Herbert 1-12-0.
Touch sacks — Tyrone Fa’anono 2, Robert Wilcox, Grant Collins.  Tackles for loss — Fletcher Collins, Grant Collins. Interceptions — Ty Robbie

Second half team stats (goal line)
Scoring plays
Tyler Bruggman to Austin Barth 20-yard touchdown pass
Tyler Bruggman to Will Krolick 13-yard touchdown pass
Ben Folsom to Woody Brandom 28-yard touchdown pass
Brady McChesney to Keon Stephens 18-yard touchdown pass
Team Stats
Rushing: Gunnar Brekke 1-3-0, Nick LaSane 2-15-0, 1-3-0. Total 4-21-0.
Passing: Tyler Bruggman 2-2, 33, 2 TD; Ben Folsom 1-1-0, 7, 1; Brady McChesny 1-3-1, 18, 1. Total 4-6-1, 43, 1 TD.
Receiving: Austin Barth 1-20-1, Will Krolick 1-13-1, Woody Brandom 1-28-1, Keon Stephens 1-18-1.
Touch sacks — Robert Wilcox 3, Mac Bignell.  Tackles for loss — Joe Naotala. Interceptions — Chris Harris.

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