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Carroll QB Linder Finally Gets Shot at QB as Fifth Year Senior

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Traditionally the most difficult hurdle for a team to overcome is finding a new starting quarterback. But for the Carroll Saints, even though JT Linder is in line to replace Mac Roach, he's certainly not new.

"It's a lot different having somebody who's been in the program for four years," said Saints head coach Mike Van Diest. "He knows the system, he's been around coach Howlett for four years, they know each other like a hand in a glove. I think it's a great transition."

It was only two years ago that Linder was on the cusp of becoming the Saints starter as a sophomore. However... Roche eventually won the job, but Linder knew that he had to stay ready.

"It was hard, obviously I wanted to play, I mean everyone wants to play," said Linder. "It was just a lot of learning for me, really humbling. It really helped my growth as a player and a person."

"I think it's been hard on him," said Saints senior wide receiver Kyle Griffith. "I think he's taken it really well. I think he's practiced really hard even though he's not playing. Even though he knew he wasn't going to play he still practiced really hard. I think he's ready."

Having spent four years in the system has helped Linder earn the trust of his coaches, and all that practice time has clearly won over his teammates as well.

"Timing with the wide receivers is obviously a must," said Linder. "That connection and that bond that you have with your wide outs is important. The comrade with the offensive line, knowing they have my back as well as I've got theirs."

"It's definitely different," said Griffith. "I mean every quarterback is different, they have their own what they like. It's more like a casual-fun type of practice playing with JT. He's more like a bud, and it's really fun to play with him."

After a 4-6 season that most players and coaches wouldn't call enjoyable, maybe a little bit of fun, and a little bit of Linder is exactly what this Saints team needs.

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