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Great Falls Golf Simulator Offers Tee Times 24 Hours a Day

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There's a place in Great Falls, where golf will always be enjoyable no matter what the weather is like.

Which means CMR Freshman Golfer Carly Cushman doesn't have to wait till spring to start getting ready for the Class AA season in the Fall.

"Because our season is super short," says Cushman. "And so it's nice to be able to train and work on certain skills and get lessons from people. I feel like it does give you an advantage because you're golfing year round and not just in the summer time."

In fact, the golf simulator at "The Golf Room" is available to anyone 365 days a year. It offers 38 different courses, including the famous Pebble Beach. The sensors gets so specific that golfers are able to learn about their game as they play.

"The lift on your ball, the ball speed, the back spin, all those, you can learn all this information," says Golf Room co-owner Len Watkins. "Once you start hitting on the practice green and getting all this information, it gives you a lot more technical data than it would on the golf range."

"It shows me that, if I angled wrong, or if I hit the contact of the ball wrong, it shows me what to do," says Cushman. "what I did wrong and so what I can fix."

The skills learned inside can easily transition to outside.

"It's helped me a lot with keeping my game, keeping my continuity to my game," says long time member Bill Milligan. "I don't take a winter vacation.  I play golf. So this is definitely filling in the gap. And muscle memory wise this is definitely a head start into the spring."

It's a head start to any golf season, whether you play casually or competitively.

For more information on The Golf Room, visit their website by clicking here or call 406-454-2889 and ask for Travis Cushman or Len Watkins.

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