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Great Falls High and CMR Ready for Crosstown Rumble

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When it comes to the Crosstown rivalry in the Electric City, there's only one way for Great Falls High and CMR to literally slug it out.

The annual Crosstown Boxing match, also known as a "Smoker," will feature eleven total fights between Great Falls High and CMR. Two kids from Belt will also be competing under the Rustler or Bison banner.

The smoker is not an official MHSA event, but bragging rights will still be on the line. Last year Great Falls High claimed seven of eleven fights. Event coordinator, former Olympian and Golden Gloves champion Todd "The Kid" Foster says it's a good way to mix up the Crosstown events.

"I think it's something different for the kids," says Foster. "They play football, basketball, stuff with track. This is something different for them. I went to the different athletic departments and asked them if they could get some kids to sign up and they did. So that's how we got this going."

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the schools.

List of Fighters

(GFH) Jon Gorder vs (CMR) Jace Courchane 
(GFH) Allison LaMere vs (GFH) Fay Richards
(GFH) Trevor Bullplume vs (CMR) Jon Crawford
(GFH) Cayden Gee vs (CMR) Josh Dewer
(GFH) Thain Johnson vs (CMR) Brandon Lefebre
(GFH/Belt) Dusty Potter vs (CMR) Derrick Price
(GFH) Timmy Hamming vs (CMR) Jimmy Oppelt Jr.
(GFH) Jensen Poirier vs (CMR) Seth Schimerowski
(GFH) Nate Nava vs (CMR) Dan Wilson
(GFH) Anthony Maynor vs (CMR) Trevor Pepin
(GFH) Brad Brit vs (CMR/Belt) Eddie Fernandez

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