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Crosstown Rumble 2016 Results

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Great Falls High defeats CMR 6-5

1. Jace Courchane (CMR) def. John Gorder (GFH) 30-27
2. Allison Lamere (GFH) vs Fay Richards (GFH) Draw
3. Trevor Boss-Bullplume (GFH) def. Jon Crawford (CMR) 30-28
4. Cayden Gee (GFH) def. Josh Dwyer (CMR) 30-27
5. Brandon Lefebre (CMR) def. Thain Johnson (GFH) (Knockout - CMR Winner)
6. Dusty Potter (Belt/GFH) def. Derrick Price (CMR) (Referee Stops Contest - GFH Winner)
7. Jensen Poiroer (GFH) def. Garrett Arps (CMR) (Technical Knockout - GFH Winner)
8. Jimmy Oppelt Jr. (CMR) def. Timmy Hanning (GFH) 29-27
9. Devin Lagan (GFH) def. Felix Waegele (CMR) 30-27
10. Nate Nava (GFH) def. Dan Wilson (CMR) 30-27
11. Trevor Pepin (CMR) def. Anthony Maynor (GFH) 30-25
12. Eddie Fernandez (CMR/Belt) def. Brett Brit (GFH) (Referee Stops Contest - CMR Winner)

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