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Helena Gymnasts Aim for Junior Olympics

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Helena High brothers, senior Brighton Mozer and sophomore Aiden Mozer are members of the Mount Helena Men's gymnastics team. Both started taking gymnastic classes when they were five and six years old. 

Spring ahead to ages, 16 and 18, they're still fine tuning their gymnastics skills and showing that guys can also be competitive gymnasts in a usually female dominated sport.

"I don't really mind that people think it's more a girl sport because you know tt keeps me strong. I like doing it," said Aiden Mozer.

"I've always been proud of it I guess. It's a lot of fun for me. We do a lot of cool stuff, so I have no worries about it," said Brighton Mozer.

The brothers let their skills speak for themselves. Both are level ten gymnasts the highest level in the Men's Junior Olympics program.

"Lots of practice, lots and lots of practice, definitely," said Brighton Mozer.

That's because Aiden and Brighton compete in six events.

"There are rings, high bar, floor vault, pommel horse and parallel bars."

In early April, the brothers competed in the Region 2 Men's Championships in Bozeman. The top nine from each age group advance to nationals.

"Regionals is where the pressure starts. They have to go six for six on the six events, which means no major bobbles or falls, and they did that. They competed well and they supported each other," said gymnastics coach Rich Jost.

Brighton and Aiden made it through Regionals and are now headed to the 2016 Men's Junior Olympics National Championships in Michigan in May. It's Brighton's second time and Aiden's first.

"There's a lot of good guys out there from across the nation. It's just really fun to compete against them, so I'm looking forward to go back and do it again," said Brighton Mozer.
"Since it's my first year, it's more the experience getting to know what it's like to compete at a national competition," said Aiden Mozer.

Gymnastics also runs in the family as their mother Sharon Mozer is a former gymnast and currently coaches the girls.

"I'm really proud of them. I'm really happy that they're doing the sport, and they've got to the level that they're at. I'm one proud mama," said Sharon Mozer.

Their coach says their journey to nationals is remarkable. 

"So for brothers from the same gym to qualify is just astronomical odds," said Jost.

and maybe they'll have a chance of winning.

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