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Offensive Line Coach's Daughter Hogan Using Lessons for Saints Softball

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"I never thought of it like 'Oh my dad is sacrificing our family.' I thought it was the coolest thing ever, like my dad is a football coach at Carroll, and just thought I was the coolest thing ever."

Growing up the daughter of an offensive line coach, Brittany Hogan learned at a young age that just because you're not being recognized, doesn't mean you're not contributing to a team's success.

"If you think of an offensive lineman, they don't get any recognition," said Brittany. "They're there to snap the ball, and make good blocks for the quarterback. And something my dad has always said is: ''You don't need to be the person making the plays, you just have to be the good person behind the scenes."

Brittany spent years behind the scenes at Carroll with her dad Jim Hogan, but these days she's actually playing at Carroll for the Saints softball team as an outfielder and a flex player, meaning there are games where she'll play in the outfield, but has to sacrifice at bats for her team to succeed.

"You think, 'Okay well I might not have done something spectacular, but I was there backing up throws,'" said Brittany. "Then when Jay Kenney hits for me I'm up on the fence, cheering for her, and I want the best for her."

"With her playing in the outfield and not getting the bat time, she understands that it's a bigger role than what it may seem," said Jim.

It's that kind of selfless attitude that only an offensive line coach could instill in his daughter.

"I'm always talking to my guys about competing, and getting the best out of them," said Jim. "But I find myself visiting with my daughter about the same things I visit with my offensive lineman about."

"You just have to remember that, you know what, you're not getting the recognition, but you're doing something with a purpose, and whatever you're doing, just be good at what you're doing," said Brittany.

You may not always see her in the box score, but like a good offensive lineman, Brittany Hogan has taken her dad's coaching, and become a leader by example.

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