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Montanans celebrate Peace Officer Memorial Day

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On Sunday, friends and family gather to pay thanks to those who put their lives on the line to protect us. It is all part of Peace Officer Memorial Day. It's the first day of a week set aside for celebrating those who serve.

During peace officer memorial week there are several ways you can say thank you to local law enforcement and one of them is with a blue ribbon. You take the blue ribbon and you put it on the antenna of your car, so police officers can see it as you drive around town.  The purpose of Peace Officer Memorial Day and memorial week is to show appreciation for law enforcement officers, past and present.

"It recognizes not only those who have given their life, but also just those who work to keep our community safe each day based on the dangers and hazards they face," said Police Captain Jim Veltkamp.  

Veltkamp says officers are out patrolling streets every hour of the day—even on holidays—not only sacrificing their lives, but their time with family. That's why he says it's important to celebrate peace officers. While a blue ribbon or a hand written card are nice, there's something even simpler that is just as appreciated.

"It's not everyday someone comes up and says, thanks for what you do. It's even those simple gestures that mean a lot to the guys and gals who are out there every day," said Veltkamp.

To celebrate Peace Officer Memorial Week there will be a parade in Polson on Wednesday. It will start near Walmart at 11:30 A.M. and will run through most of Main Street. There will be officers there from all around Montana.    

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