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5/21: Class B/C State Tennis Tournament Final Day - Highlights and Results

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Highlights and final results from the 2016 Class B/C State tennis tournament in Missoula.

Boys Team Scores:

Libby 39, Anaconda 21, Loyola 19, Ronan 17, Conrad 16, Valley Christian 16, Big Fork 14, Great Falls Central 14, St. Ignatius 14, Cut Bank 3, Darby 3

Girls Team Scores:

Chinook 56, Fairfield 21, Libby 21, Broadwater 20, Loyola 20, Lone Peak 18, Big Fork 11, Cut Bank 7, Fort Benton 7, Jefferson 7, CJI 5, Darby 4, Valley Christian 4, Baker 3, Choteau 3, Granite 3, Troy 3, Conrad 2, Forsyth 2, Whitehall 2

GIRLS INDIVIDUAL MEDALS (all All-State Selections)

Singles:                                                                   Doubles:

1st            Luisa Locker (Lone Peak)                         1st            Lauren Harshman / Cortney Gunderson (Chinook)

2nd           Kaylene Hudson (Libby)                           2nd           Hattie Niederegger / Sierra Swank (Chinook)

3rd           Brooke Nicholson (Chinook)                      3rd           Amelia Konen / Annie Townsend (Fairfield)

4th           Melanie Benson (Loyola)                           4th           Alauna Weilacher / Kaila Wicklund (Bigfork)

5th           Jessi Hamlen (Broadwater)                        5th           Jennifer Yancy / Michaela Pearse (Broadwater)

6th           Megan Pruthis (Chinook)                           6th           Serenity Juedeman / Lexi Giles  (Fort Benton)

Boys INDIVIDUAL MEDALS (all All-State Selections)

Singles:                                                                         Doubles:

1st            Carson Boynton (Anaconda)                           1st            Cordell Wittmier / Austin Padilla (Conrad)   

2nd           Trey Christiaens (Valley Christian)                  2nd           Erik Lauer / Brayden Thom (Libby)

3rd           Roger Mai (Great Falls Central)                        3rd           George Gibson / Ben Russell (Bigfork)

4th           Jason Brandt (Libby)                                      4th           Andrew Esslinger / Nathan Doll (St. Ignatius)

5th           Fisher Shima (Ronan)                                     5th           Jacob Benson / Fisher Richardson (Loyola)

6th           Jhamaal Sykes (Libby)                                     6th           Ethan Blevins / Colton Roullier (Ronan)

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