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5/30: Senior Standout: Dawson Reiman - Foothills Community Christian School's

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"I've been playing baseball pretty much my whole life, from the time I was five, I've just always been swinging the bat, hitting the baseball, catching, throwing, whatever," said senior Dawson Reiman.

Senior Dawson Reiman is still doing those same things while sporting a number twenty-one jersey and stepping up to bat for the Great Falls Chargers American legion baseball team.

"It's been great. We travel all over the State. Play a lot of great teams, a lot of great competition. Helps with exposure. Really, it's the top level of baseball in Montana, and it's been really good for me as a player development," said Reiman.

It's Dawson's fifth year with the Chargers and he's taken on roles in the outfield, the infield and even on the pitcher's mound, but Dawson says he enjoys one aspect of baseball the most.

"Honestly, hitting is my favorite part. I think it's a blast. It's just the competitiveness between you and the pitcher is my favorite part," said Reiman.

Next year, Dawson will take a couple of pitches from other competitors at the collegiate level, as he's signed to play baseball at Morningside College in Iowa.

"The Chargers has really helped me as a player, and I'm really looking forward to the next step," said Reiman.

"It just shows that he's just willing to put in the work. He's been willing to do anything the coaches ask him. He put in 100 percent effort . He does whatever coach ask and do it to the best of his ability," said teammate Justyn Martinko.

His baseball coach even recognizes his dedication to the game and being an athlete.

"Dawson is probably the epitome of what you look for in a team player. He works his butt off. He doesn't complain. If he's not in a game, he'll have each and every of his teammates backs. He's the type of kid that you want to have on your team because he'll make you better and the guys around him better," said head coach Levi Johnson.

While the Chargers baseball season doesn't end for several months, he has one goal in mind.

"We got to win Districts first. That's my goal right now as a team. As a team as a whole that's where we want to be so we're just really working hard to achieve that," said Reiman. 

Just in case that goal isn't met, Dawson has a chance to play for the Chargers for one more season next year, while bringing some of his college experience back to the team.

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