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Spring Fling Hoop Thing 2016 Results

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2016 Spring Fling Hoop Thing Results

Male Division

1st Grade Male- Winner- Speedy Demons; 2nd Place-North Western Energy; Come Back Champion-Paw Patrol

2nd Grade Male Division A- Winner-Lil Warriors; 2nd Place- Griz Nation; Come Back Champion-War Bonnets

2nd Grade Male Division B- Winner-All Stars; 2nd Place- Fort Benton 2nd Grade; Come Back Champion-Wolves

3rd Grade Male- Winner-Box City Warriors; 2nd Place- Blue Thunder; Come Back Champion- The Dream Team

4th Grade Male- Belt Ballers Winner- 4 Stooges; 2nd Place- ; Come Back Champion- Lincoln Lightning

5th Grade Male- Winner-Droppin Dimes; 2nd Place-The Force; Come Back Champion- Thunder

6th Grade Male Division A- Winner- Tuff Creek; 2nd Place-Hi-Line Outlaws; Come Back Champion- Get Buckets

6th Grade Male Division B- Winner-Heroes; 2nd Place- Benefis Orthopedic Center of Montana; Come Back Champion- Six Shooters

7th Grade Male Division A- Winner- Two Med Express; 2nd Place-Bullet Ballers; Come Back Champion- Ballers

7th Grade Male Division B- Winner- Black Out; 2nd Place- Nothing But Net; Come Back Champion- J’s Treys and Fadeaways

8th Grade Male- Winner-GTS-NWA; 2nd Place- Bison; Come Back Champion-Blackfeet Express

9th Grade Male- Winner-Blackfeet Warchiefs; 2nd Place-Livermore Chiefs; Come Back Champion-New Town Rebels

10th Grade Male- Winner-Basket Brawlers; 2nd Place-Greasewood Ballers; Come Back Champion- Fifth and Rivers

11 & 12th Grade Male Division- Winner-Blackfeet Venom; 2nd Place – S. J. J. W.; Come Back Champion- Bears

Female Division

1st Grade Female- Winner-Lil Huskies; 2nd Place-Lil Storm; Come Back Champion- Lady Huskies

2nd Grade Female- Winner- Baskin Robbins Ballers; 2nd Place- Shelby Coyotes 2nd Grade; Come Back Champion- Awesome Possums

3rd Grade Female- Winner-Little Curry Ballers; 2nd Place- Havre; Come Back Champion- Little Swishers

4th Grade Female- Winner-Surge; 2nd Place-Little Beats; Come Back Champion- Country Girls Shoot

5th Grade Female- Winner- Great Falls Dream Team; 2nd Place- Lady Warriors; Come Back Champion- Ridge Runners

6th Grade Female- Winner-Lady Bears; 2nd Place-Storm; Come Back Champion- Electric City Rush

7th Grade Female- Winner- Insanity; 2nd Place-GTS- Elk Whistle ; Come Back Champion- Hot Shots

8th Grade Female- Winner- Skoden Jrz ; 2nd Place- Skoden; Come Back Champion- 3 B’s

9 & 10th Grade Female- Winner-War Hoops; 2nd Place- Black Tail ; Come Back Champion-Nike Elite

11 & 12th Grade Female- Winner- R B Battlerz; 2nd Place-Kobe or Not to Be; Come Back Champion- Nack Attack

Adult Division

Adult Co-Ed- Winner- Steel Etc.; 2nd Place- Back that Pass Up!; Come Back Champion- Ty-Line Communication

6’ 1 Male Adult Division- Winner-Mountain Men; 2nd Place-Benefis Orthopedic Center; Comeback Champion- Sidewalk Savages

Regular Adult Division- Winner- Purple Cobras; 2nd Place- $haqtiez; Come Back Champion- Tipi Creepers

PLAY4URCAUSE- All of These Worthy Causes Won Funds for their amazing programs/organizations

- $1,600- Center for Mental Health sponsored by Center for Mental Health

-$1,000- Shriner’s Children’s Hospital sponsored Benski Towing

-$600- Great Falls Food Bank sponsored by Pepsi

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